Current – Post Meridian Ambient ist das neue zwölfteilige, hybride Format im TRAFO.

Von Mai bis November findet Current an zwei Samstagnachmittagen im Monat in der alten Transformatorenstation statt. 25 regionale und internationale Künstler*innen im TRAFO bieten mit DJ-Sets und Live-Performances alternative musikalische Entwürfe im Spektrum von klassischem Ambient, Drone und minimal music, spoken word und elektro-akustischen Stilen.


Foto: @antonius_xy0815

Sui blooms in the ever changing sphere, that emerges from a diversity of sounds and people either dropping in accidentally or with intent. She carefully sketches the expanding possibilities of such gathering into a sonic trip. As she loves to experiment with sound layering, fondly selected pieces of her fieldrecording archive find their way into her sets and into to the ears of open listeners. She is part of Leipzig’s L1CK collective, connected with Metaware and has been active in club culture and electronic music scenes of Frankfurt, Leipzig and now Weimar for the past decade. Currently she is focussing on sound and experimental radio studies and her heart project @soletti.


Foto: Nina Wesemann

Marta Forsberg is a Swedish-Polish composer, sound artist and musician working in the field of installation art and electronic music. She has released albums on Warm Winters Ltd, SUPERPANG, thanatosis, Havtorn Records and Holy Geometry and contributed to releases on XKatedral, Hyperdelia and Fylkingen. Her work has been performed at festivals and concerts in Sweden, Germany, Italy, Japan, Denmark, England, China, Malaysia, Thailand or Poland, and her practice spans across sound design, composition for ensembles, music for dance, sound and light installations, as well as working in different artistic research projects.

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