Jerusalem In My Heart (JIMH) is a live audio-visual performance project,with Lebanese producer and musician Radwan Ghazi Moumneh and Montréal based filmmaker Erin Weisgerber at its core. JIMH is an immersive sonic and visual live experience, with an evolving effort to forge a modern experimental Arabic music wed to hand-made visuals using analog 16mm film at site-specific screen installations.

Musically, JIMH is guided by Moumneh’s melding of ‘traditional’ melismatic singing (in Arabic) and buzuk playing, with modern deployments of modular synthesis, filter banks, electronics, field recordings, etc. Weisgerber manipulates the photographic, chemical, and material properties of 16mm film to transform the world framed through her camera; rendering rhythmic images that exist between figuration and abstraction, external vision and internal landscape.

Special Guest „viz“

VIZ aka Réka Csiszér is a DIY artist, musician, composer and performer, from Transylvania. A prolific artist active in numerous multidisciplinary projects and collaborations, Csiszér aims to create conceptual, audio-visual works steeped in science fiction and avant-garde experimentation.

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Foto: Isabelle Stachtchenko